Bird Houses
Bird houses can be plain or they can be elaborate. Find the one or ones that will brighten up your yard. Birds will love to make a home there year after year.
Cape Cod Bird Condo

Have a lot of fun with this unique birdhouse, watching families of birds settle in for a snug and comfortable home to nest in. There will be no end of entertainment for you and your family in your own backyard.    $27.99

Bread and Breakfast

Small birds will find this cozy sanctuary the perfect fit for nesting sheltered from wind and storm. Will also make for an enchanting adornment for your yard.       $16.99

Little White Chapel

Here is a heavenly white haven for several pairs of birds to live together as a congregation. Gives and elegant look to your yard. Clean-out hole is on the back.

Yacht Club 

This “yacht club” can shelter some feathered friends in a storm. It comes complete with straw roof, quaint nautical knickknacks and a wooden dock. 

Happy Home

This bright and cheery bird house will attract a family of birds to your yard. Comes with tiny window boxes with tiny faux flowers, a trellis around the front door and even a tiny birdhouse of its own hanging in the corner.      $26.99

Woodland Cabin

This adorable log cabin birdhouse is perfect to welcome birds into your yard. It has a call of the wild look about it, fashioned after a vacation rental in the heart of the wilderness complete with bear cub.